Ash Paradise








Ash started playing cornet at the age of 11 in 2005, and joined her first ensemble at the age of 12; the Hobart Youth Winds in Tasmania, Australia.

She joined the Hobart Junior Brass and Hobart ‘A grade’ (equivalent of Championship Section) brass  bands also at the age of 12. She started out on bumper up in the junior band, before moving to principal cornet in her second year of playing in the ensemble. In the ‘senior band’ she moved up the ranks from bottom third cornet, eventually playing bumper up. When Hobart Brass became Glenorchy City Concert Brass Ash continued to play in the band, moving to repiano cornet.

Ash has had the fortune to play in many State and National contests around Australia, having played in the Yamaha Australian National Band Championships in Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, as well as at the Federation of Australasian Brass Bands (FABB) in Brisbane, and on a tour of New Zealand.

Having played cornet, soprano cornet and trumpet in various other ensembles such as orchestras, wind bands, big bands and chamber groups, Ash eventually saw the light and when she moved to England brought only her cornet with her. She is now solely pursuing her primary musical interest, brass bands.

Ash moved to Yorkshire soon after arriving in the UK, and has been playing with Yorkshire Imps ever since.