Imps Boost Youth Brass

Before the summer break, our Principal Cornet Player, Alan Fowler had been working with Gommersal Primary School and their Brass Club.


 6 year 4 children were given the opportunity at Easter to learn to play a brass instrument  with teaching assistant Jane Barker. Also another teaching assistant at school wanted to have a go so Emma joins in too. Kirklees music school were able to loan 6 cornets.

The children meet up on a Wednesday lunch time for 40 mins and are learning  to play the cornet  and read music. On 25th May Alan went in to see how the group were getting on. He joined in with the group, giving the children helpful tips and techniques to help with their playing and listened to them all play.

The children were very excited to see him as he played in the schools assembly back in February so the children could hear the instrument and hopefully inspire them to have a go.


Alan was very impressed with their  progress and is looking forward to when they can play in a school assembly! All the children enjoyed Alan’s second visit, especially when he and Jane played the Star Wars Theme tune! The tune is in their book so it has inspired them to get practicing to play the theme themselves.

If you would like to have one of the band visit your school for some inspiration then get in touch!